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Alignment CD
Rev. Carla Muth, RDH, BAS, is an international speaker, author, and creator of e-Healing which embodies the Central Inner Alignment, a unique and powerful process (non-medical) that uses energy to gently align the spine (non-chiropractic), relax muscle tension (non-massage) in minutes, and rapidly relieve pain.  It balances the brain hemispheres, elevates consciousness, and instantly reduces stress, which promotes balance, clear-thinking, strength, joy, and self-healing. The Sphenoid Osseous Shift is included in the CIA as it enhances the alignment, centers the inner cranial structure, and unlocks the sinuses to improve breathing. 

Carla also developed another energetic method of neuromuscular repatterning called
Vibrational Touch. It quickly and gently releases muscle spasms, eases pain, and improves circulation by clearing energy blockages.  It feels like getting a mild, and yet mighty, full body massage in just a matter of minutes! But it goes beyond massage. During the VT process energy is also deposited into acupuncture points which further aids in restoring and boosting mental, physical, and spiritual vitality so that you are able to heal yourself.

As an
Empath, Carla helps people to discover and understand what they are truly feeling through Bio-Emotional Balancing in order to heal emotional trauma and to determine their energetic state of being, which is mainly revealed by the e-motions held in the body. Everyone has the power to master their emotions and choose how they want to feel at any time.  The TriSynergetic Process takes the BEB further and reveals the secret behind "The Secret", which goes beyond the "Law of Attraction" to the Law of Creation where we create what is desired and not merely attempt to attract it.  The process surpasses the battle duality of what is wanted and unwanted in our ourselves and in life, by uniting the two opposing emotions into a greater desire.  Discovering the balance, the Point of Transcendency, alleviates the tension which liberates the energy to manifest what is truly desired.

eHealing is completely centered on COOPERATION rather than fighting, surviving, conquering, puncturing, drugging, or forcing.  There is no "war on..." anything.  The ultimate goal is to recognize, support, amplify, and hasten the natural healing ability of the body.

**Effective healing does not need to be lengthy, invasive, or expensive.**
"Wonderment and thankfulness were my feelings after my first CENTRAL INNER ALIGNMENT  (CIA) session with Carla which released physical pain, tension and discomfort that I had been holding on to for over a decade! Her amazing energy left me feeling structurally aligned, grounded, and peaceful.  It works better than any other healing modality I have tried, and I've tried lots!" .......................Shawn, BC, Canada

"I am only 41 and having a "severe acute arthritic flair up," the term my Ortho Doc used. Some of you are going to think I have lost my marbles. I am a skeptic for sure. But Carla's rates were so reasonable and I was in such agony, I was willing to gamble on this small amount of cash because working with someone over the phone to heal my knee sounds nuts but a whole lot better than UFlexa Injections and total knee replacement surgery. I was totally desperate. It was a fantastic gamble...
By the end of the hour phone session with Carla, my right knee was out of pain and the swelling receded. By the next day I was up and walking. That the lack of stability in my left knee was gone as well. I  have not had any issues with either knee since. They're working great for the first time in a decade, and I mean GREAT!"..............Kathryn, MA

"In my first session with Carla, I was in a great deal of pain from a torn muscle in my shoulder.  After 5 minutes on the phone with her, I felt no pain!  I went back to work the next day feeling as good as new.  Pretty amazing!  Carla has really helped me with emotional things, too." ...................Chris, Anderson, IN.  
His fractured leg (fibula) was nearly healed in 48 hours.  See the X-RAYS....

"The ALIGNMENT over the phone for my back after the bad fall was excellent. My body felt light and my mind was cleared.  I am now completely free of pain. It was amazing!  You just want to tell everyone, which I did. Thanks so much!... My daughter says there is no cramping and her hips are much better. She doesn't have the pain she had. My dog is feeling much better"....................Lucy, BC, Canada.

See what others are saying about Carla....
In Person or over the Phone
Carla Muth
Body Alignment Specialist
   Is ideal for those bold people who....
are ill
have pain
feel burned out
desire swift results
prefer not to be drugged
feel emotions are important
choose to do their own thinking
want more than the symptoms treated
opt for a gentle release of muscular tension
don't want to spend a fortune on "treatments"
believe they can trust in nature to heal themselves
take control of their own health in a non-medical way
and wish to connect with the power of their Inner Source.
Those who believe the body knows exactly how to heal itself.
Vibrational Touch stimulates the flow of energy and relieves tension by using a light motion over the muscles.  It is a unique method that produces superb results.  It's more than a massage.  In this new form of healing, the muscles are not rubbed, kneaded, stroked, poked, or pummeled into submission.  No need for messy oil and you are fully clothed.  As muscle spasms are gently and instantly released, you will feel a very deep relaxation and inner peace.  It includes the Central Inner Alignment.
Are you ready to experience a new and remarkable process of muscle relaxation and rapid pain relief?
Please consult your health care professional for an evaluation of any physical problem and medical advice. Carla does not treat psychological or medical conditions. She is not a doctor or therapist who diagnoses, treats or cures symptoms, medical disorders nor disease. This website is only intended to offer general information to aid in your quest for physical and emotional wellness. Any personal use of these ideas or suggestions is your decision and God-given right. Carla assumes no responsibility for your actions or application of this information. Her ultimate goal is to bolster Self-Healing.
Welcome to a new concept in healing!
Learn how fast, simple, safe, low-cost
and effective quantum healing can be.....
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Give Your Body a Vacation
From Stress
Rapid Pain Relief
Stress Reduction; calm
Increased Balance & Strength
Posture Correction
Energy Boost
Relaxes Muscle Spasms
Spirit Connection
Emotional Release
Promotes Self-Healing
Low cost, Easy & Convenient
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